Our Journey2Success program which is primarily funded through WIOA provides¬†low-income students that may have some life-altering challenges with the additional help to make sure they’re on track for success. WIOA stands for the “Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act” and is a federally-funded program CareerSource Suncoast uses to help our youth kick-start their education or careers. If a student qualifies for WIOA then students will receive a scholarship to attend the 2018 Career Academy. When students enroll into WIOA, they’re agreeing to be engaged with our coaches until they graduate high school and either begin college or a career.

Each month, students enrolled in WIOA will be asked to participate for a couple hours each month on either a field trip, community service project or an education workshop. All of which will be related to preparing them for their future. If the student participates, they will receive a stipend for their time. A student could receive as much as $600 for the year if they are involved each month.

For more information or to see if you qualify for WIOA, apply for the academy and one of our Career Coaches will be in touch.