CareerSource Suncoast Opens Enrollment for 2018 Career Academy

The 2018 Career Academy by CareerSource Suncoast has officially opened enrollment for students. Students, ages 16-18 are encouraged to apply for one of the 80 slots available for the 2018 Academy. The pre-college and career experience cost $525 for the entire 3 weeks and includes a light breakfast and lunch each during the experience. 


Students who might not be able to afford the Career Academy tuition are still encouraged to apply to see if they qualify for an income-based scholarship or qualify for WIOA (Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act). If students qualify for WIOA, then they will enter into an annual experience will they will receive additional aid to help them better prepare for college and career following high school.¬† This year’s Career Academy is broken into 3 key components.


Students learn key transferable skills such as leadership, communication, conflict management, personal branding, financial literacy, college prep, and job readiness skills. In addition, students will participate in a simulated society called SIMSOC.

Industry Week

Students will focus on an industry of their includes. There are four academies to select from this year including:

  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Hospitality
  • Business

During this week, students will receive hands-on instruction to better understand the industry while also possibly earning an industry certification.

Internship Week

Students will be scheduled at one of our region’s businesses or organizations to get a hands-on experience all week and better understand the industry of their interest.

The Career Academy is June 11th – 29th. Participation is required during the entire 3 weeks. Students that miss more than 2 days during the 3-week experience will be removed from the academy without a refund. For more information regarding the 2018 Career Academy, visit

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