Career Academy focuses on 4 growing industries

The 2018 Career Academy by CareerSource Suncoast will focus on 4 key industries in the region to help students get hands-on experiences and knowledge before making their decision about colleges and careers. This year’s four industries include healthcare, hospitality, technology,¬†and business.

Career Academy, originally a component of the year-long Journey to Success program developed by CareerSource Suncoast is becoming more specialized in preparing students for their post-secondary goals by developing curriculum and experiences around a particular industry instead of solely doing career exploration. “We believe career exploration is an important part of the process for students to understand their interest. However, by the time a student enters their junior year of high school, they typically have some understanding of what type of career they’re interested in. That’s why we decided to give them true hands-on experiences in these fields before they make their final decision.” says Chris Laney, Director of Education & Community Investment for CareerSource Suncoast.

Students will learn key transferable skills during the first week of the academy including leadership, communication, personal branding, financial literacy, teamwork, job readiness skills, conflict management and more. During their second week of study, they will receive hands-on experiences in their industry of interest and possibly certifications to better prepare them for the workforce. During the last week of study, they’ll do a real-life internship with one of our region’s employers and get real-world experience before completing the academy. More information about the academy can be found at

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